Choosing which company to use as an OEM provider is not only a major decision, it’s the most important decision you make when developing a retail or wholesale product.

Your OEM provider will become responsible for how your product is received by consumers, especially in relation to compatibility, quality, and use of cutting edge technology. Being such an important facet to your operation, your OEM provider can also add or save cost by how they interact with you, by meeting deadlines, by having a reliable process, or by having an understanding of your market.

Digital Matrix knows that not all providers understand the importance and interdependencies of their service when entering into a contract. It is in this respect that we are truly differentiated from our competitors.

We offer different levels of service to accommodate your manufacturing needs. There are many challenges facing companies who want to manufacture product in a global economy. There are language barriers, cultural differences, varied pricing models, and concerns over protecting intellectual property. Digital Matrix guarantees a seamless global experience, lower prices because of our volume and international contacts, and protection of your intellectual property so that it remains your property.

* Full Service OEM Solution

This is a combination of the expert advice from our consultation, the discriminating criteria used in factory selection, and the goal-driven approach to project management. In this model, we handle every detail allowing you to focus on other areas.

* OEM Consultation

If you would like to manage your own OEM implementation but you are not sure how to start it and make it a success, you can leverage our expertise to show you the in’s and out’s of effective manufacturing that is reliable and sustainable.

* Product Sourcing

Our product sourcing service gaurantees that you have the capacity to produce your products with a trusted supplier. We bring the different factories & providers together to create one seamless OEM source.

* OEM Project Management

Allow us to manage your OEM implementation and ongoing manufacturing. Our years of experience will aid in driving mile-stones, documentation, and processes for greater efficiency.